Market Update May 2024

A Mixed Bag with a Silver Lining

Market Update

Bank of England keeps interest rates at 5.25% but hints at a June cut

The UK housing market has seen a positive turn with mortgage rates easing, boosting sales expectations and optimism among investors and homebuyers alike. Although market sentiment varies by region, the overall mood is cautiously optimistic, signalling a potential recovery in the housing sector.

Regional Price Trends: Nationally, the average house price has unexpectedly risen in early 2024, spurred by increased buyer activity. Yet, this isn’t uniform across the board; London, for instance, witnessed a 3.9% decrease in property prices compared to last year, underscoring the localised nature of property market fluctuations.

Mortgage Market Outlook: Mortgage rates, previously on the higher side, are showing signs of relaxation. This change is driven by anticipation of interest rate cuts by the Bank of England and the introduction of more competitive mortgage offerings. This easing of rates is expected to boost property sales by enhancing investor confidence and making property investments more attractive.

Property Price Dynamics: The response in property prices across regions has been mixed, with some areas seeing declines while others stabilise. Overall, the market is expected to stabilise, with a gradual resurgence in demand likely to balance the previous year’s price drops.

At Elleah Property Finance, we maintain a cautiously optimistic forecast for the months ahead. Expect continued growth, driven by lower mortgage rates and improving buyer affordability. Estate agencies and brokers are poised to capitalise on these better conditions, anticipating increased transaction volumes.

In summary, while some regions face challenges, the broader UK property market is on a path to recovery, fueled by easing mortgage rates and a hopeful market sentiment.

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